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YBG Alums from Rwanda Attend Shakespeare and Company in Summer 2014

Jeanine Uwase, Abdoulrahim Mujyambere and Innocent Munyeshuri will be attending the month-long intensive Summer Training Institute in May and June of 2014. The workshop is organized by Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. These three young Rwandans played leading parts in the 2013 trilingual [Kinyarwanda, French and Shakespeare's iambic pentameter] production of Romeo and Juliet produced by Youth Bridge Global and Ishyo Arts Center that played in Kigali, Butare and Gitarama to very enthusiastic audiences.

The very core of Shakespeare & Company's mission is its Professional Actor Training. For thirty years, the programfocused on developing actors’ potential to master the arts of language, body, and character. Actors will learn, as expressed by Hamlet, “to hold, as ’twere, the mirror up to nature.”

The philosophy of the training program revolves around searching for the answer to three essential questions so often explored in Shakespeare’s work and by his characters: What does it mean to be alive? How should we act? What must I do?

Through the summer workshop, students of theater at Shakespeare & Company will share and refine their unique approaches and understanding of the art of theater. They will also collaborate with other actors in training to create a common artistic vocabulary and coherent approach to performing Shakespeare that provides a solid foundation for their work.

The value of Shakespeare & Company’s summer training program is found in the quality and immersive depth of the learning experience. Professionals from all aspects of theater arts converge from all over the world to create the program's faculty. During the course of the program, these esteemed actors, writers, directors and instructors will work with aspiring thespians to hone their imaginative, emotional, physical and interpretive abilities through a daily regimen of intensive classes.

Daily classes focus on:

In addition, participants will:

A typical day might include:

The above is intended to give an idea of a day rather a specific commitment to an inflexible schedule. There will be changes; occasionally there will be time free for learning lines and occasionally a night off. There will be one day off each week, typically Mondays. All scene work will culminate in a final showing of the scenes open to company members, family and friends of the participants.

It is hoped that, armed with the insights gained and skills learned over this intensive Shakespearean drama workshop, our three Rwandan students will return to their home country and play an active role in youth theater.