Youth Bridge programs raise awareness about under-resourced education systems and promote initiatives that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of students in these schools.

Shakespeare Abroad

The theater projects in the Republic of the Marshall Islands provide a unique educational activity that uses classic plays to build confidence and literacy skills in students in the Islands. In the summer of 2006 Youth Bridge successfully produced a bilingual production of Romeo and Juliet in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have expanded to support projects in China and Russia and have returned to the Marshall Islands and Bosnia. A full list of our productions can be found below.

Shakespeare & Company Sponsorships

Ilija Pujic, who played Ferdinand, the romantic lead in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Orlando, the romantic lead in As You Like It with Youth Bridge Global in 2011 and 2012 attended Shakepeare and Company in Lenox Massachusetts with funding from donors and support from Youth Bridge Global. He writes of his experience in Summer 2013 in this reflection article.

Jeanine Uwase, Abdoulrahim Mujyambere and Innocent Munyeshuri attended the month-long intensive Summer Training Institute in May and June of 2014. The workshop was organized by Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. These three young Rwandans played leading parts in the 2013 trilingual [Kinyarwanda, French and Shakespeare's iambic pentameter] production of Romeo and Juliet produced by Youth Bridge Global and Ishyo Arts Center that played in Kigali, Butare and Gitarama to very enthusiastic audiences.

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