Jeanine Uwase's Personal Statement

My name is Jeanine Uwase. I come from a family of five which includes my sister Diane, my brothers Hakim and Ishema, and my mother Isabelle. My mother has raised us ever since the death of my late father in 1994. She has instilled within us a love of learning, as well and the courage and force of will to be who we want in life.

I continue my studies at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Rwanda. After I graduate I will become a physiotherapist and use what I have learned to work for people in need. I love acting. For me, the experience of acting is both and great pleasure and an immense treasure because it enables a person to get in touch with their innermost self. It is a way that you can summon and give all that you hold dear inside and invest that in a character.

By playing the Nurse in the trilingual production of Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, I was thrilled to participate in a play about reconciliation! The play also introduced me to the theater and enabled me to learn a lot from the great teachers I met during the production. Romeo and Juliet gave me the opportunity to channel the energy and satisfy the hunger I had for the craft of acting. It helped me to grow and become more enlightened as I practiced the skills I learned.

The chance to train in Shakespeare and Company's summer workshop is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for me to boost my abilities. I will gain a great deal of knowledge about Shakespeare's work, and I will engage with many great students and instructors in the art of theater. I will consider it an honor to learn from my teachers and colleauges and to share with them all of the thought, insight and skill I have to offer.

The knowledge and experience I will gain will always be very significant to me as an individual, and furthermore, it will be significant for my home country. There, the theater sector is still in a state of development. As I young woman and a young artist, I will use the knowledge entrusted in me with pride. It is with a sense of enchantment that I will continue to play meaningful roles after Shakespeare and Company, and through the arts, give back to my society that hungers for change and a better tomorrow.